Daily Trivia Quiz

A longstanding tradition aboard Star Sapphire!

Hello! I'm Cruise Director Jemima Vickers, and I'm here to invite you along to our Trivia Quiz in TopDeck Lounge, every afternoon at 1.30pm.

You never know who you'll be playing against. In fact, our friend Jason Davey's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to trivia, though you'll never get him to admit it. He often pops in to play along, though if he ever actually wins, of course he donates his prize to the next best player(s).

I'll be your host for the proceedings and remember, I'm an expert at this, so mobiles off and no Googling for answers! I'm watching you!

Thanks to Pauls Quiz for these questions and answers!


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Action Quiz

And if you fancy your chances even more - and you can't stay away from the Internet -
here's a link to Action Quiz, where you can pit yourself against two computer opponents on a variety of topics, including Music, Geography, Science, Computer, Literature, and Movies!


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