Daily Trivia Quiz - Thursday


1. What was Ben Hur's first name?

2. Name the famous Jazz club located at 47 Frith Street, Soho?

3. What was the name of Reggie and Ronnie Kray's older brother?

4. Alec Guinness, Robert Carlyle, Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen have all played which 20th century historical figure?

5. Dirk, Ka-bar, Sykes-Fairbairn, Kukri and Basilard are all examples of what?

6 According to Welsh psychologists, the most depressing day of the year is which day in the last week of which month ? (looking for a day in the week and a month)

7. What is Alecia Moore's 'piercing ' nickname ?

8. The Frankfurt hairdresser Karl Wald invented which nail-biting and sometimes heartbreaking 'punishment' in 1970 ? clue if needed, it is a major cause of heart attacks.

9. US President Quincy Adams kept one in the White House and TV cop Sonny Crocket kept one on his boat. What is it ?

10. The original layout or ground plot for which African capital city is in the shape of the Union Jack ?

11. Translate the two words Eskimo and Inuit.

12. The majority of tigers in the world live in which country ?

a. Russia

b. India

c. USA

d. Vietnam

13. Which island is the last part of Europe that still has the feudal system ?

14. The psychosomatic illness called Stendhal Syndrome (or Florence Syndrome) which causes among other things dizziness, increased heartbeat, confusion and even hallucinations, can occur when one is exposed to what form of beauty ?

15. "Metsotso e mashome a meraro ka mara hora ya leshome le motso e mong" is Sesotho for what ?

a. I love you

b. very small

c. half past ten

16. Tea is often labeled TGFOP. What do the letters stand for ?

17. Which singer has the nickname 'toxic twin' ?

18. Who sang the following duets ? (if it has been covered, the original please)

a. To all the girls I've loved before

b. Things

c. Don't let the sun go down on me

d. The Cuckoo Song or Dance of the Cuckoos

19. When does one drink 'storage' ?

20. Granny, Turks Head, Quipa, Dutch Cringle, Nubian and Flemish Flake are all examples of what ?

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