Daily Trivia Quiz - Sunday


1. What was the name of Sonny Crockett's pet alligator in the cult TV series Miami Vice?

2. The 2009 British science fiction film Moon was directed by Duncan Jones. Jones is the son of which famous English musician?

3. What are the genetically engineered robots called in the film Blade Runner?

4. What is the well-known Arabic word for 'The Island' or 'The Peninsula'?

5. Based on the total amount of visitors each year, name the eight most popular museums in the world? One point for each correct answer.

6. Who first played the role of Jane in the early Tarzan films with Johnny Weismuller? For extra points, what was Jane's last name?

7. What is the combination of Buddhist meditation and tennis called?

8. In heraldry, what colour are the following? 
a. argent 
b. gules 
c. azure 
d. sable

9. What is the very well known Latin word for 'public thing' ?

10. Tom Springfield, Dusty Springfield's brother, wrote several major hit songs for which Aussie band ?

11. Which 16 petalled flower represents the Japanese imperial family ?

12. In the 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein, the monster grunts these sweet nothings to the unwilling  bride to be, "Alone-bad. Friend-good". Who played the roles of Frankenstein's monster and the unwilling bride ?

13. Name two of the three deities in the Hindu Trinity or Trimurti.

14. If one takes into account all of the Bond films ever made, on average, 007 goes to bed with how many women per film ?

15. Which culinary delight did Margret Thatcher and a team of chemists help develop in the late 1940's ?

16. The American Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to obtain a certain degree of fame in 1849 with which letters ?

17. In which country is the longest man-made canal in the world ?

18. The religous fanatic Maggott was the bad guy in which famous film ?

19. What is the generic term for someone who is multilingual ? First letter 'P'

20. What are the only two football clubs in the old 'Eastern Block' which have won the European Cup (now Champions League)?

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