Daily Trivia Quiz - Monday


1. The Andrea Gail is an ill-fated ship in which Hollywood film?

2. The Academy Award winning song When You Wish Upon A Star was written for which classic 1940 film?

3. The following are the evil antagonists in which Disney films? One point for each correct answer:

a. Maleficent

b. Frollo

c. Jafar

d. Ursula

e. Gaston

f. Lady Tremain

4. Which male animal is called a Tom or a Jake?

5. The following are the last words to which number one UK hit songs from 1970? One point for each correct answer.

a. Nobody knows like me

b. I will ease your mind

c. Go to the place that's the best

d. And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

e. Go back where you been

6. Health is wealth. What kind of therapy is each of the following?

a. Balneo

b. Fango

c. Thalasso

d. Gelos

7. Billions of people around the world know Miss Roberts better as what ? Six letters

8. Plus or minus two billion years, how long ago was the Big Bang ?

9. Which former number one ranked male tennis player and two time losing Wimbledon finalist claimed "grass is for cows" ?

10. Since 2007, in which mega city are all outdoor billboards and similiar advertising methods forbidden ?

a. Bombay

b. Sao Paulo

c. Karachi

d. Shanghai

11. Christopher Columbus believed the earth was shaped like:

a. an apple

b. a pear

c. a watermelon

d. a strawberry

12. The following are nicknames for which cities ?

a. La La Land

b. The City of 100 Spires

c. Lost Wages

d. The Athens of the North

e. Shaky Town

f. The Mini Apple

g. The Pearl of the Orient

13. In which country is the largest mangrove forest in the world ?

a. India

b. French Guyana

c. USA

d. Brazil

14. Roughly how many passengers now travel each year on airlines ?

a. 550 million

b. 2.2 billion

c. 6.6 billion

15. Which famous troubled and gifted musician once shared his home with the infamous Manson Family ?

16. There is an embarrassing syndrome in which a person's hand has a mind of its own and does what it wants when it wants! This is known as:

a. Trimanus spiritus syndrome

b. Alien hand syndrome

c. Dr. Strangelove syndrome

d. Maradona syndrome

17. Who or what is the mitochondrial Eve?

18. Plus or minus 25cm, a fleeing cockroach can cover how many centimetres in one second?

19. What make of trenchcoat was Humphrey Bogart wearing in the film Casablanca?

20. What inspired the famous Coca Cola contour bottle from 1915?

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