Daily Trivia Quiz - friday


1. Dr Teeth excluded, name two members of the Muppet band 'Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem'.

2. Which airport has the luggage code LCY?

3. Name the largest of London's subterranean rivers?

4. A bicycle manufacturer, a US state capital and a county in West Virginia are all named after which Englishman?

5. In which country were the following musicians born? One point for each correct answer.

a. Freddie Mercury

b. Joe Strummer

c. Engelbert Humperdinck

d. Manfred Mann

e. Stewart Copeland

f. Chris de Burgh

g. Eddie van Halen

6. Off the coast of which four countries do the majority of shark attacks occur ?

7. One of the most difficult to watch scenes in movie history for many people involves a Dr. Szell and his repetitive question "Is it safe?". What film is it ?

8. In which three countries would one find the most Roman Catholics ?

9. Only three clubs have won all three of the following trophies: Champions League or European Cup, Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup. Name them.

10. Homocide, suicide, patricide etc. Which word beginning with the letter 'P' means to fake one's own death ?

11. Plus or minus 50 degrees Celsius, what is the temperature in outer space ?

12. Londoners, Parisians and Moscowvites. What are the citizins of each of the following cities called ?

a. Chicago

b. Madrid

c. Vancouver

d. Portsmouth

13. From the following list of countries, choose the two with the highest car theft rates in the world.





New Zealand


14. Which epicurean pleasure did Tobold Hornblower first introduce into his known world in the year 1070 ?

15. Edward G. Robinson's last role was in which edible futuristic film ?

16. According to the University of Bologna, what are the two most common sexual fetishes in the world?

17. Author John Wyndam's sci-fi thriller The Midwich Cuckoos has twice been filmed. What was the movie title?

18. How many CCTV's (surveillance cameras) are there in London? (estimate)

a. 5,000

b. 50,000

c. 500,000 

d. 5,000,000

19. 'Zy' words. Which words beginning with the letters Zy mean

a. a fertilized ovum

b. hydrogen cyanide

c. the study or practice of fermentation in brewing, wine making or distilling

20. What does a bifurcated penis look like?

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