daily Drinks 

Samuel, our brilliant TopDeck bartender, is quite a dab hand at mixology. And here on Sapphire, every day of your cruise you'll find a new selection of Special Drinks - something hot to warm your insides, a traditional cocktail, and a non-alcoholic thirst-quencher.

(By the way, that's not a drink in my hand - it's a walkie-talkie!)

       Click on the day of the week to sample Samuel's special recipes!


Sailaway Blueberry Tea (hot drink)
Lion's Gate Colada (cocktail)
Naked on Wreck Beach Colada (non-alcoholic)


Jacuzzi Coffee (hot drink)
Sun Deck Splash (cocktail)
Lido Cooler (non-alcoholic)


Juneau Java (hot drink)
Mendenhall Margarita (cocktail)
Maiden Mendenhall (non-alcoholic)


Skagway Rockslide (hot drink)
The White Pass Goldminer (cocktail)
Panning for Gold (non-alcoholic)


Glacier Bay (hot drink)
Margerie Glacier (cocktail)
Lamplugh Glacier (non-alcoholic)


Ketchikan Koffee (hot drink)
All at Sea (cocktail)
Creek Street (non-alcoholic)


Bella Bella (hot drink)
Last Night Fireworks (cocktail)
Sea Cruise (non-alcoholic)

Special TopDeck Drink...
Jason's Posh Fizz Melon Cooler

1/4 peeled cantaloupe melon
(seeded and cubed)
1/4 peeled honeydew melon
(seeded and cubed)
The juice of one lime
2 tbsp sugar
Posh fizzy water (San Pellegrino, etc)
Melon balls

In a blender, combine cantaloupe, honeydew, lime juice and sugar.
Blend until smooth.

Pour into a tall glass and fill with fizzy water to taste.

Garnish with melon balls on a bamboo swizzle stick.


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