Deck Plans

Many years ago, when Star Sapphire was still crossing the Atlantic as a passenger vessel, you could get  deck plans from the steamship line, or from your travel agency. These deck plans were similar to the deck plans you can find today, online, when you book a cruise. But they were printed on thin crinkly paper and when unfolded, measured about 3 feet across. They were extremely thorough and identified every tiny detail on each of the ship's decks, from how many bunks were in a cabin, to where the closest service alcove was, to which staircases and lifts were for First and Tourist class passengers and which were for crew..

We've recreated one of those Passenger Deck Plans below. It's not quite as detailed as the one Katey's brought with her in the novel, but it's got all the right crinkles and creases! And when you're reading Cold Play, this might help you get a better sense of where everyone is as the story unfolds.

I've drawn red circles around a few of the important places, and labelled them, just to give you a little head start. You can easily see where Katey's cabin is, and also where Rick Redding and Diana Wyndham are staying (up at the posh end of the ship. I've also indicated where my office is, behind the Bridge.

Next to the Passenger Deck Plan is a Crew Deck Plan of Decks A and C. (We haven't included Deck B because it's full of crew cabins that aren't mentioned in the novel). Again, I've drawn red circles around the two most important cabins on Deck A - Jason's, and mine. And on Deck C, you can see the cabin Jason moves to, later on in the novel.

All of the other locations from the story are clearly labelled including TopDeck Lounge (where Jason works)... Showcase Lounge... the Purser's Desk... the Casino... Castaways... the Seawind Dining Room... the Lido Cafe and the Officers Mess! I've even (very thoughtfully) included the old forward cargo hold from Sapphire's transatlantic days. And if you've read Cold Play, you'll know why!

So please click on the small graphics below to see VERY large, readable deck plans in jpg format! If the pictures are too small, just click on them again and they should get quite large!

If you'd rather open a PDF file, please click on the PDF link instead. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to do this. Again, if the PDF file is too small, you can enlarge it by going to the toolbar and increasing the viewing percentage for the file.

If you wish to save the graphics to your computer, you can easily do this by right-clicking on the large versions of the pictures. If you wish to save the PDF files, you can also do this by clicking on the Save a Copy icon or instruction in the PDF toolbar. 

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                       Star Sapphire Passenger Decks
            Click here to open the PDF file (very large!)

      Star Sapphire Crew Decks A and C (B deck is not shown)
              Click here to open the PDF file (very large!)


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