Credits and Acknowledgements

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Cold Play and this website...
If I've forgotten anyone, my apologies. It wasn't deliberate.

COLD PLAY PASSENGERS and CREW (in no particular order)
Barnaby B Ayre. Friend of Imogen, rock star, Twitterist. (Inspired and created by Jane Gallimore)
Imogen. Aged five. Daughter of the Staff Captain and good friend of Barnaby B Ayre. (Inspired by Jane Gallimore)
DJ Pedro. Famous for his leather duster, rakish black cowboy hat and low slung holster (Inspired by Pedro @Aerodynamix)
Annie Baysting. Chronicler of all things ship-related. Never without her writing bag and notebook (Inspired by Sam Wyld) ‏
Catherine and Charlie... fans of worms... ("Worms are the heroes of the world!") (Inspired by Charlie Sellars and @Galinoz
Harald. A retired Norwegian. Authority on trolls and Norse Mythology ... (inspired by LM Newsroom ‏ @LMExtra)
Zombies. Not actually in the novel. Zombie with axe, Zombie with wobbly knee, Zombie who reminds people of Robert Pattinson (suggested by @gnilwoce)
Bill (a gourmet cook) and Julie (a fan of Patterdale Terriers). (inspired by Bill, Julie and Truffle Edod)
Wahtrina. From Belarus. Not her real name. Knows her jewellery.(Inspired by Karla)
Linda. Irish and lovely.(inspired by Linda ‏ @MoorseyL )
Dallas Allen. Sci Fi writer whose first name is really Loretta (inspired byJulia ‏ @Julirose)
Celeste. Divorced twice, and widowed. Is hoping to find love on the high seas, preferably with a Captain! (Inspired by Alison Stokes)
Helene. A beautiful widow with gently greying hair and a possible romance with a gentleman of similar vintage, Bass (Inspired by Helene Watkins and Bass Wheeler)
La Gran Stupenda. Illusionist and comedian. Her husband ran off with the woman he used to throw knives at. (Inspired by Carolyn Wright)
Marjorie Sharpe. Has a thing for Dwayne, the Assistant Cruise Director. (Inspired by Marjorie Logan-Macartney)
Sarah Dunnett. Enjoys chatting with people in TopDeck Lounge. (Inspired by Belinda Curwen-Reed)
Annoying Nick. Tells loud off-colour jokes while Jason's trying to sing. (Inspired by Nick Kay, who wanted to be something that he wasn't in real life)
Caroline. Always carries Jelly Babies, which everyone knows are cruical in emergencies. (Inspired by Caroline Cru Robson)
Rohini Mitra. Carries a digicam. Has a friend, Shaleeta, who is fond of chocolate chip cookies. (Inspired by Ruchira Mandal and Shaleeta)
Rob. Was a radio announcer in Vancouver. Now he tends the bar in Castaways. (Inspired by @radioconfession)
Jessie. A little dog in Juneau who visits the ships in port. (Inspired by Jessie)
Lorelei. Single woman, travelling alone. Intent on texting. (Inspired by Lesley)
Rachel. Whose avatar features black leather wings. (Inspired by @kitankhamun)
Jet. An affable waiter. (Inspired by @Jetneuf09)
Judy. Is fancied by Sergio, who teaches Latin Dancing in the Disco. (Inspired by @Smartie999)

(in no particular order)
Michael Kent. Extra points for being my uncle.
All the nice contributors over at Authonomy (too many to mention individually).
My sister. Wishes to stay anonymous. Not sure why.
My mum. Also wishes to stay anonymous. Is afraid of The Internet.
Jim. My husband. Is not afraid of The Internet. Assorted photos and Photoshoppery.
Barbara Baird. Long time friend.
Nola Tompkins. Long time friend and screenwriting partner.
Louise Carmen. Owns a red silk scarf.
All of my colleagues and instructors at Vancouver Film School.
Dr. Steve Conway. Excellent counsellor. Knows a writer when he sees one.
Jason Davey. Not his real name.

The cover of the novel and the background glacier photo are Margerie Glacier, in Glacier Bay, Alaska.
Photo by Jim Goddard. Cover by Winona Kent.

All character avatars except Barnaby B Ayre and Jilly Shawcross were created by
Barnaby B Ayre's image came from Barnaby, Jane Gallimore and Caroline Rosebery.
Jilly Snowdon's avatar is from

Soaring Seagull and Standing Seagull were photographed by Dave, Sue and Michelle Harris.

Please see individual photos on each web page for appropriate acknowledgements.

Daily Quizzes are from Pauls Quiz Page.

Classy Cruise Craft credits:

Make Your Own Watermelon Carvings - National Watermelon Promotion Board

Make Your Own Origami Box -
Make Your Own Creatively Folded Napkins -

Make Your Own Paper Projects - Folding Trees

Make Your Own Towel Origami Elephant - How to Fold a Towel Elephant


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